SVG image can't be dragged once uploaded to GF without being piece by piece

I have looked in the forum and I cannot find the answer so I am reaching out after hours of trying to figure it out.

It doesn’t mater if it is a quote I created in illustrator or one I bought from creativemarket, once I uploaded into the bed I cannot grab it completely it’s all separated, every single letter! it is making it impossible to do anything.

Any help on how I can avoid this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Juliana Limones

you need to group the letters. if they are grouped when you upload, they should be one unit in the GFUI

at least that is my experience


You can either select all (Ctrl/CMD + a) or, in your design program, put a box or circle around everything and set it to a different color than your artwork. The box makes it behave like a group in the GFUI, making it a different color let’s you set the box to “ignore”.


CTL+A selects everything and you can move things from there. the Arrow Keys or Shift + Arrow Keys will also move things in just one direction, Also you can use the absolute positioning just by changing those numbers.

Even if they are the same color unless they are surrounded by another object picking on only one will select that,


The GF UI ignores grouping in files.

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I guess I must have only moved things when they were all selected,

have to keep that in mind.

making yet ANOTHER note of things to remember.


It will, however, automatically group at random times if it thinks there are too many objects. Source of much frustration.


I discovered today that if the colors are different for each item, the GFUI will group according to color. This happened to me today with a grayscale image that got uploaded into the GFUI and everything was separate that was a different color.

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They are grouped. And they are all one color.

Thank you, I’ll give this a shot.

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They are words and a few doodles, sometimes it let’s me right-click and grab everything, sometimes it does’t. And the images download way in the top left corner making it hard to click drag and move. I know this is just a beta program, but,
hoping there’s an update on the software soon.

Thank you for your time, I really appreciated.

Efly, is is possible to save a design once I have it the way I wanted and it came out great? once I close GF it goes back to being in layers and I have to piece it together again. I want to mass produce so I would love to have this file ready in my GF.

Thank you for all of your input, it has helped quite a bit.

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