SVG Problems

I purchased an svg and all pcs of the pattern are on 1 page, how can I separate then so I can cut just the one I want,
New this……. learning

What design software are you using? Generally you would select the whole design and “ungroup”.

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looking for a design software program, thought that might be what I needed, do you know of a good one?

The forum has many discussions about this, the search feature is key here.

That link will find lots of discussions about this.

And of course, the matrix covers this too, as well as a massive amount of other stuff:


If they are all separate things of the same color and not one enclosing others, You can arrange them in the GFUI such that those in the cutting area will show up as red or blue once a process has been assigned and those even partially outside the cutting area will be gray unless they are selected for movement,

I frequently put entire designs in one file knowing that I will not have one cut halfway, it either cuts all or cuts none of what is in an enclosed area.

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