Svg shifting elements

Hello, I have the Spark. When I am trying to cut a design that has multiple elements that was created in Illustrator, the file never places in the layout how it was designed. One element seems to shift independent of the other elements. This seems to have nothing to do with “set focus” even though that is annoying for laying out what i want as the final when i have multiple elements.
Is there a reason one or two elements shift, that make my design messed up on the cut. I waist a lot of material.

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I have never experienced one piece of a file moving independent of the rest of the design. Can you share a screenshot or share a file with more descriptive information regarding which parts shift?


I think what you’re experiencing isn’t “shifting of the elements”, but the print head losing position mid-job and cutting those parts in the wrong place as a result. The Spark does this easily when there is any buildup on the rails, the motors can’t smoothly overcome even a small amount of resistance. You have to wipe them down with alcohol after every print, and keep the prints to 1-2 hours max at a time.


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I notice it only happens when I export as SVG. I am very sure in Illustrator that they are on the same level, But when I cut,… uneven.
Made for box frame 1

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The left side is moving up to the edge of the wood and cutting into the other wood and the right is not.

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This is not an SVG cut. I am using the same wood and it’s in the Spark now. As it is, it is more than 10 passes to cut the board. So I have to wait to shoot that.

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Wow. After every print? Well then mine is filthy.

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Yeah, It is shifting. I keep correcting it, and i test on a piece of paper, and its never coming out even.

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That could be the source of your issue. I have seen others have found a need to clean very frequently for the Spark and Aura. My pro has different issues, and different causes for that particular issue.


It somehow is still moving. I will have to call in.