SVG sizing issues

Hello, All

I discovered a problem and solution regarding Adobe Illustrator, SVG files, and the Glowforge App.

If, when importing your SVG file into the GF app, it is placed in the workspace smaller than designed, make sure your SVG save settings have the Responsive checkbox UNchecked under the More Options section in the Save As dialogue.

I have noticed since the beginning that occasionally, when I import an SVG file into the GF app, the sizing will be off. When it is off, it’s pretty consistently about 20–30% smaller than it was design to be in Ai.

When I first saw this issue, I was confused. But I decided to just put up with it since resizing is to the correct dimensions isn’t that much of an issue in the GF Workspace.

However, recently there was a project that required more precision and consistency. So this problem was unacceptable.

I dabble in web design, so I was a little familiar with what goes into an SVG file. And I remembered that there was an option in Illustrator for a “Responsive” view box. This basically means that it can resize in response to a changing screen size (it is the technology that allows websites to look good on basically any device from a desktop to a phone).

So, when you’re saving your SVG file to be imported into the GF app. Make sure then you expand the save dialogue by clicking the “More Options” (and ignoring the grammatical error that follow, Less Options instead of Fewer Options), then make sure the “Responsive” checkbox is UNchecked.


I normally wouldn’t respond in the style of @evansd2 … wish you had posted about the resizing earlier, we could have helped.

Responsive basically removes all of the real world units from the file. Not much Glowforge can do about it, because at that point, the file has no real world units to base anything off of.


By this I can only assume you mean “very helpful and interesting, and not that it matters, somehow dashingly handsome, even just on the forum”.


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I save all my AI files in PDF format. I’ve not had any sizing issues or any other problems with the PDFs. An added benefit is you can use fonts without converting them to outlines. (If that’s still a thing with SVG.)


Thank you sooooooooo much! <3

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This was exactly the answer I was looking for. Had been bothering me for a while!