Swap-able Arcade controls

FYI: This isn’t the cool art type of GF project, this is more of a wood working project. You don’t even see any of the wood at the end ;-(

I’ve had an arcade cabinet running Mame in our house for the last 16 years or so, the only limitation has been it’s a two player, two button + joy stick controls. What that means is I can’t play other games like Defender, Golden Tee, Centipede, etc… I recently came across this guy and his swap-able arcade control design. I am not a wood worker by any imagination so his solution is out of my reach as far as skill set goes, I once used duct tape for an undisclosed fix framing in my home. ala The Simpsons: “Careful that’s a load bearing poster”

Anyway copying the newly found design I was able to make swap-able controls.

The pins are on the bottom, exactly two inches apart, and each panel lines up PERFECTLY!!! The GF made it pretty easy, it made making the template for the pins as well as the holes in each control panel VERY easy.

Some adjustments had to be made because as I said I’m not a wood worker but the combination of Inkscape and Glowforge made it a reachable project for me. Each panel turned out to be 3 layers of 1/8 inch birch, glued together which made it strong enough but I could also hide mounting screws in the middle layer. Using the GF made each panel easily identical. The black is a vinyl self adhesive paper that made everything blend together.

A 4 way Q-bert joystick:

If you want details on wiring or other things let me know with a question below.




This was an early fitting the panels pic:

Adding vinyl. The vinyl WAS NOT cut with the GF!!! All vinyl cuts were done via Xacto knife. Thanks caribis2 for making me fix this. Notice the holes for lining things up are only one layer.

Each set of holes had its own color so I could pick what gets cut where:


Which is either a non-PVC vinyl or you cut with something else, correct? I always feel it is good to mention that for people reading this who may not know PVC vinyl has to stay out of a laser cutter.


Fixed, thanks.

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