Sweet beautiful...for how much?

Last time I pointed out the thousands of dollars The New Yankee Workshop wants for their complete collection.

This is a whole different type of awesome that of course I’d still like to own. 30 wonderful, geeky disks of LotR material for $800!!


Hmmmn. Perhaps not. :grimacing:

I have a friend that has bought every re release of these movies. When I ask him why he’s like well this is the new limited kr new ultimate. I just don’t understand it

Best deal I ever got was on Amazon Prime Day…the full HD Blu Ray extended box set of the LOTR trilogy for $15. So, unless something like that happens for this set- I’ll just enjoy what I already have :joy:


When it came out, I had to buy Monty Python and The Holy Grail: Extraordinarily Deluxe Edition.
Who could say no to an extra 24 seconds in Castle Anthrax?


I’m one that would be buying it if I were made of money. I guess I’ll just drool from afar. I used to watch the extra material on the Extended LOTR DVDs over and over and over. I would think they would be great training for a beginning film student. Or maybe not, being over 10 years old now.