Swiss Glowforgers and Unusual Wood

Any Swiss Glowforgers out there have any ideas where to get more unusual woods aside from Etsy or I am looking for any wood that is a little different from what is available in Obi, Jumbo, or Migro Do It Yourself. It seems even in those stores, getting raw maple or even cherry isn’t really possible. The stock they have is also fairly thick. Any help with finding 3, 6, or 9 mmm thick sheets of any hard woods is of interest. Even woods like Purple Heart, etc could be fun.

Thanks in advance for any insight!



There have got to be cabinetmakers somewhere, that’s always a great source for veneers :slight_smile:


That is a good idea! Thanks for the tip!


The other day it was raining, so we went all over the county checking out places to buy or get some scrap veneer or thin woods. No luck. We even to a major large cabinet maker here locally. He told us they now just burn everything, as he had so many “crafters” coming in asking about wood that he finally said “No more.” Very disheartening.


Wow! Crafters are a terrible group?!!

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Apparently to him they are. I told him I was wanting to buy it, not asking to get it free. But nope. I’m going to try some of the smaller cabinet makers I see in a couple other counties to see if they have any next time we go out of town.

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Oh, do let me know if you find anything! I keep seeing the same poplar and beech plywood everywhere, not a scrap of decently thin hardwood in sight. Where are you base, by the way? I’m in Biel, so reasonably close to Obi, Hornbach, Bauhaus, Migros and Jumbo - and they all. stock. the. exact. same. stuff!


Hmm I can’t say how much it would be but Ocooch ships internationally. Especially if you guys team up you might be pleasantly surprised at how much a combined order costs to ship…?


Yes! The . Exact Same Thing! I am I. Basel near all the same place you are. Nothing new and nothing fancy. All those cherry trees from Zug must go somewhere…

Will check this out!

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