Synthesizer cheeks


Going through the scrap bin at Tap Plastic, I got a nice big piece of 1/4" mirrored acrylic for a buck.
I’d been toying with a design for the end “cheeks” of a synthesizer I own, but had intended to use wood. A few revisions (a lot of revisions) later, I now have some snazzy new bling! You can see the stock wooden end-pieces laying on the table.


Heh… The drummer from another mother, eh? I’d only read about them earlier this year I think it was. Never heard one.

Very nice accenting! Mirrored acrylic is pretty cool. I haven’t played with mine yet. I don’t imagine I’ll be blinging my Korgs the same way though. I’ve got a T3, Trinity, Triton, and an amazing 88 weighted Kronos.


Yes, I assembled it this year at Moogfest. I also have a Brother From Another Mother I made last year, and a Mother 32. I’ll probably be doing variations for those two as well, I just need more of the fun materials.


Lookin’ good with the bling! :sunglasses: :+1:




That turned out sweet!

Is there any way to make a faceplate for the controls too? Could you imagine a backlighted panel?


I didn’t know what to think when I read that title, but I sure do like your synthesizer parts. I want to get me some of that material.


Oooooh, that’s a very interesting idea. It is just a flat piece of silkscreened metal. It would have to be pretty thin, and possibly fragile.


This looks beautiful! Nice choice and good designing.


That’s so much sexier than the original. Nice example of customizing gear.