T.O.W. the Light Fantastic

Edge Lit Acrylic


Very nice lamps! :grinning:


Oooooooo! Ahhhhhhh!


The Stark Industries one is so Ironman! :rofl:


The friend I gave it to lists Stark Enterprises as his place of employment on Facebook:film_strip:.

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Nice what are you using to get them to light up

You inspire me. Edge lit acrylic is in my future plans.

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Nicely done! Edge-lit acrylic gives so much wow … in a short amount of time!

The cross nightlight is one of the Meridian Electric 10228 3Pk. Found at Menards for $5-$10 depending on the sales that are going on.

Since the existing plastic plates are completely frosted I reverse engineered the base design and cut them out of the Inventables #23876-08 12 in × 24 in x 1/8 in Clear Acrylic.

The pucks are from DHGate.com
“7 RGB Lights LED Lamp Base for 3D Illusion Lamp 4mm Acrylic Light Panel AA Battery or DC 5V Factory Wholesale”

Since it is designed for 4mm Acrylic and I have not found a supplier of that, I am using the ProofGrade Medium Acrylic while I continue to look.


very nice but how did you get it to fit in the base looks like I would have to cut it a certain way

For the puck light, it’s just cut to the width of the slot.