Table for Glowforge

Has anyone found a prefab table for your Glowforge with or without wheels? Preferably with a shelf for materials?

I found this TV stand on sale (keep an eye on the prices it will probably drop again) and love it. While it’s not as deep as the Glowforge body, it IS deeper than the Glowforge’s feet are so you get a really stable base. And it’s wide enough for tools and stuff on the side.


Here it is “in real life” (The overhang space helps hide the exhaust hose behind the unit without taking up as much room, too…)


That looks great. There’s lots of discussion of what tables people use. I hadn’t seen this one.

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Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the GF stand!!! We also have the same wood blinds.

I use one of these that I picked up used from an office supply place

I keep all my tools and scraps in the top drawer, and material in the bottom drawer - and then I have a shelf to the side for my uncut stuff (and projects in-progress).
Originally it all fit in the cabinet, but I outgrew it in my first year :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see barn doors on it to make it more space efficient. But looks nice