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I don’t want to post in the Problems section and to have it open a ticket. Just want someone to help me guess the size of rubberbands these look like:

I looked in and there are SO MANY sizes of rubber bands! I have this all cut out and wanted to place a curbside order…plus I don’t need hundreds of them for potentially 3 games. I would like to get these picked up Sunday if possible for when my son comes over to pick up some enchiladas we are making tomorrow. Any idea?

I didn’t know this but they make non-latex rubber bands — which would be stronger?

I’m excited about getting this to my son!

I just wish my GF would stay in alignment; we just aligned it a week ago and it’s moving off considerably and I’m having to guess how much so I don’t waste so much wood. Thanks everyone!


I’m gonna guess: #63 (3" long ​1⁄4" wide 1⁄32" thick) based on the quarters - but I think if they didn’t list it then very likely a variety of them will work - if they’re too long you can twist them and if they’re too short they stretch.

Most rubber bands are still latex rubber, it has better elasticity than other things - but it does fail with heat/sun/age so it’s possible non-latex ones are longer lasting…


I can’t figure out how to put this darn thing together!!! Are there directions that I’m missing somewhere? I have a general idea and then every time I think I’ve got it something doesn’t line up or it falls apart. I don’t want to glue anything until I know what goes where for sure…can you PLEASE help me by any chance??? You would be a gift from above!!!

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3 Dot Menu
Design Details


This works for every :glowforge: catalog design.


THANK YOU!!! I’ve never dealt with the design files before (aside from the initial ruler and it didn’t require assembly)…I feel like a dummy now, but thank you sooo much!!! I truly appreciate this!

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Thank you! I did not have any idea of where to start on figuring that out. Twisting it is a good idea. I really think my son is going to get the biggest kick out of this game when his friends come over (and love the idea of whomever designed this – that they designed it to be mobile!)

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Something I just learned yesterday in addition to what @deirdrebeth showed you…

Makes it sooooooooo much easier to follow the directions because it is easier to see


Ok got the boards cut and the “essential parts” arrived this afternoon

Now I just need to scrounge around for some quarters.


I’ve put this together myself. The joints are tough to put together but with good reason. Kids are hard on toys. Use glue and a little elbow grease.


My friend said this when I gave him the news that my son is going to put his game board together himself:. “she shoots, she Scooooores!”. LOL

So I made him a kit…printed out instructions, added the wood and rubber bands…

…and some fresh homemade candy :candy::lollipop:


What size wood did you use! I’m having trouble!

What size wood did you use ?

Medium maple plywood

I used 1/8" Smokey Hill Designs birch. It cut fine. Son hasn’t assembled it yet. Reminded him today I needed him to put it together and take a picture.

Says you need quarters. Instructions do not mention them. Then, once together… are there How To Play instructions anywhere???

The quarters are placed in the assembled pucks, they just add some weight. I haven’t found instructions. My grandson and I just keep slinging pucks until until one of us gets all the pucks on the other side. While its an interesting design, I don’t think I’ll print a second one. Its takes quite a bit of effort and finessing to assemble (I had to file slots to get it together), each time we set it up it takes some adjustment to ensure the pucks go through each direction without getting stuck on a lip, and until we figure out how to play, the game play is limited for us.

The game is more commonly called Pucket:

Game Rules

  • Each player starts with an even number of pucks.
  • Yell go and the first person to get all the pucks on the opponents side wins.
  • If a puck flies off the player who shot it must retrieve it.
  • No pushing the pucks forward with your hands.
  • You may slide the pucks out of the way on your side only.

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