Table names for Wedding Plan

Hi there!

A client asked for table names for her wedding!

Here are some!

I have done a cake topper for her as well which I will post it later on! :blush:

Happy forging!


This is going to be a very fashionable wedding I see! :champagne:


Great work on the letter joining, those look great!


Sounds like a fun wedding!

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Nicely done! Cool idea labeling the tables with designer names instead of generic numbers. (Would work with something like liquors too…Jack Daniels, Remy Martin, Captain Morgan etc.)


They are great. Nice idea. I am just starting out with my GF and want to make a word sign. Hope this doesn’t sound silly was it hard to create and keep letters attached?

It’s easy… the steps are quite simple, Type the text you want, select the font you want, convert the text into outline/shape and adjust accordingly! :slight_smile:

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