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I’m in the market for a new table for my Glowforge and I was wondering if anyone has a good recommendation? I’m looking for a larger table that can hold both the Glowforge and my Prusa 3D printer. Any advice is appreciated.


I use a welding cart from Habor Freight with a custom wide top. A lot of people use rolling tool carts or Ikea hacks.

There are a few threads on the subject already, if you haven’t seen them yet.

If you’re of the mind: make one! Pile of 2x4’s, some nice Plywood, and a bucket of Deck screws. Have it do exactly what you need it to do. Start with just the top. Add a shelf or drawers under if thats what you need. Make it fit the space you have for it like no bought table would do for you.
Heck, you’re making stuff anyway, start from the ground up!

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If I could just cut a piece of wood into some shape I wanted, I wouldn’t need to do everything with Illustrator and a laser cutter. :slight_smile:


I stand corrected, how utterly rude of me. :smile:

I bought some 2x4 Basics from Amazon then you just buy 2x4’s cut to length and i used 3/4 MDF fro the table top and 2 shelves. You also buy some just to make shelves from which i use for my materials so they lay flat.

You can aslo get them from Home Depot. The shelving units are about $25 for 6 which creates 3 shelves .

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That looks nice, even a dope like me could make a table with that stuff.

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That’s why i got them. I figured an old fart like me could even do this. The only real coordination it takes is making sure all the 2x4’s are cut to the same length… It also comes with the screws needed for the wood. The top and shelves just lay on top of the wood…

I’ve used these for the workbench in the garage and the basement. But, of course, I over engineer them, so I’ve made the shelves much more sturdy, with supports in the middle.

The only downside is that you can’t put casters on the legs, so if you want them, you have to add supports from the bottom shelf.

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