Table Saw Push Stick


I needed to replace my favorite push stick and instead of cutting it out with the bandsaw I put the old one in the Glowforge and used the trace function to make an exact copy. The same process works great for making zero clearance inserts for the table saw.


Great practical application! :grinning:


Appropriate use of the forge. So nice to have options!


Great that you thought to use your Glowforge!


Now that was a great idea! The Glowforge can be a sort of 3D (or 2D+) copy machine.


I see you use the John Heisz model. I prefer Matthias Wandel but the Glowforge does a great job on each.


Have you been watching the Heisz Wandel Project? I enjoy both of them.


They both are good examples of old curmudgeons in these videos. I don’t miss a one.