Table/stand options?

Hi -

Waiting on delivery and looking at table/desk ideas. I’d like to keep it basic, but large and sturdy enough for the GF. Any suggestions? Do I need to make sure the surface is at least as deep and long as the GF?

Thanks in advance!

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I made mine out of 2x4’s and MDF but mine is my garage… Other have some really nice ones that they use inside the homes… I am sure they will along to share some ideas for you…

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Thanks. My wife just thought about coffee tables, so we’ll take a look at those too.

I have mine on a cheap 25 dollar ikea table. It’s sturdy, but also light enough to move around. I actually didn’t buy a table, I’ve had this table for 10 years, just took the sewing machine off to put the glowforge on.

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I’m using a 2-drawer metal horizontal filing cabinet I got for free off Craigslist - it gives me two big drawers for storing material too :slight_smile:


I have mine on 2 Alex units and 1 Linnmon top from Ikea. There are several different options from Ikea that forum users here have posted about. Work benches (such as used for tools) are also popular. Just make sure you check the specs so your table top will fit and remember the GF is quite heavy. You will also need some space for the venting hose to come out the back. Most of us also suggest venting out the window so consider placement and as easy route to your window.

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Thanks for the input all. We ended up ordering a coffee table with a shelf below for material storage. It had the depth I was worried about at 24”, and will fit well under the window we plan to vent out of. It’s also low enough to see into the GF easily


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