Tak game set - board and pieces

I designed a Tak set. Download is available at https://skudpaisho.com/site/more/design-downloads/

I think the capstones turned out pretty well. If you use them as a base for designing chess pieces, please share :slight_smile:

This is made for :proofgrade: thick plywood - the design has the capstone pieces labeled for each type of plywood used according to recent thicknesses I’ve had. Score settings for the board I use are: 170 / 30 / 1 / 0.35".

Here’s an example:


What a lovely set! I know nothing about the game, but it seems to me you nailed it!

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Nice job!
I keep wanting to make a Tak set. But I can’t come up with a design I’ll love.


This only takes like 15 minutes to print! I had a goal of quick print time with this. Are you thinking of an elaborate engraving design and stuff?

I wonder if I’d be able to get 1/4" hardwood that could work for the pieces. The :proofgrade: stuff is too thin and light for these pieces to feel just right. But it cuts nice and clean so they still stand up nicely. Hardwood pieces might also be able to be cleaned up on the edges so that the colors are more noticeable in stacks. What do you think would be best?

That’s an interesting point I hadn’t thought of. Some good weight is a good idea. It’s gotta feel good. 1/4" hardwood could work. 1/4" acrylic maybe too.

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Yeah I think acrylic might be good too. I’ve tried some 1/4" hardwood and was able to get a nice smooth/even cut so they’d stand nicely, but really Tak pieces are usually thicker than that even. Let me know if you try something that works well!


You can cut thicker woods. I’ve cut 3/4" in the past. BUT… What I’m thinking is perhaps go with 2 thinner pieces, cut a cavity in the middle of those pieces, and pack it with tungsten putty or powder to give it some heft. Seal it all up and sand nicely and I think it would look and feel really nice.


Not familiar with the game … But looks neat!

Have you shared this with the folks at Cheapass Games? They would love it!

Yup, I’m hoping to get all set up to be able to sell a few sets like these!