Taking out the trash... A quick practical thing

Not as jaw dropping as some of the things on here but a quick and dirty utility I wanted to have since we have to walk our trash bags out across TWO streets to the company dumpster… (Don’t ask). The little trash ties cut into my hands if I am trying to carry 2-4 bags. I meant to buy these silly things but never did… So, I fired up Fusion 360 and glowforge and tried to make them with acrylic at first… Few iterations later I landed on what I think is an African hardwood? Paduk maybe? No idea, have piles of the stuff.

I tested it by lifting boxes of cat litter. Seems to hold up! We will see how it goes. I thought to move on to layering them if I wanted to make it even stronger / more interesting… but as I said, quick and practical.

Anyway, meet…The Trash master! [Part 3].! 50524917_1001649206690925_5098052079281242112_n|375x500


Nice, useful project. I’m a bit envious that you have piles of this wood available.


Beautiful thing for practical purpose. And I love the logo!

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Nice! Mk IV suggestion: move logo to bottom, add foam to the handle.

Great idea! (Would also probably be very helpful in bringing in groceries! I use carabiners to clip bags together.)


Clever idea! :grinning:

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Mr fancy pants takes his trash out with Paduk! The rest of us shlumps I guess just would use plywood? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Kind-a like the beautiful ivory stick that my mother used in sewing (and how many generations before?) I have a fluorescent orange tape on it so I don’t mistake it as bamboo that it strongly resembles

Checking the usual best prices I might use such Zebrawood as I have for such things but only because Zebrawood is a pain to cut as it turns to Ash so easily that my respect for it has dropped far below its price.

Paduk sits at the opposite end of that spectrum and am currently wearing a carved Lion pendant in it. Beautiful to look at but sanded and polished to the extreme to pass your fingers over the back is better than any worry stone and hardly describable.


Classy trash master!

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that is why you have FINGERS! I can load up about 20 groc bags. :slight_smile:



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This would go nicely in the Practical Cuts thread!