Tandy Leather isn't particularly helpful in store locations

So had a project I wanted to do in leather so went to see what Tandy Leather had. Well that’s not super helpful to be honest.:

And it’s wrong of course, there is in fact a local Tandy in Chelmsford MA (about 30 minutes away)


That is strange… if it is “nearest” why is it “#4”?

There is one here in Shreveport, Louisiana… If you don’t feel like driving all the way to Texas. Lol.

Edit. Their website says that all US and Canada stores are still closed due to Covid. Maybe those two that show up on the map are warehouse locations. Or maybe they don’t keep their map updated.


Yeah, they haven’t implemented geolocation properly. I get the same default store (I’m in California).

You may have geolocation turned off in your browser’s default privacy settings or you clicked “Block” when the site asked for access to your location.


Or you may be using a VPN that makes it looks like you are coming in from a different location.

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Yeah, no it’s activated, and I deliberately chose allow when I went to the site to find the nearest store…

Yes, I see now that it does show a map of my local area (Milwaukee, WI) through IP detection, but still shows TX as the closest location. Definitely an issue on their end.

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Well if you do make the trip, I’m only another 3.5 hours farther, drop in and say hi!


Half the web sites I visit put me in New England (I live in GA…)

They are using my IP (thru ATT fiber) instead of my actual browser geolocation.


They have one here in Vegas too, but because of the Covid-19 it’s closed.

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