Tanto Cuore Plaques (First Project)

First project on my Glowforge was these plaques to help identify the different card sets in this game. Lots of trial and error playing with the different grays in the images to get a nice look on the engraving.


Welcome to the forum. Terrific results in your first project. I look forward to seeing what you do next.


Game organizers are a really hot item, and yours are great! I like your assistant too…


They’re adjustable?! Fantastic! The boxes look great, but I also love that the cards can be contained within the boxes (if not full) or carefully organized within using the dividers.


Thank you for the comments! The dividers themselves actually came with this set (won it at an anime convention) and I believe they were made by Broken Token. The only part I did is the engraved title pieces that sit on top of the card decks.

Looks great!

Nice work! Keep going!