TAP Plastics is reaching out to hospitals -- pass the word!

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Social media universe: we need your help. As you know, we initially had to close many of our stores due to shelter in place orders and in an attempt to keep everyone safe. Over the weekend, we were contacted by community members making things like hand sanitizer (they needed bottles), acrylic masks and sewing patterns for cloth masks. To service those on the front lines, we were able to open back up in a limited capacity. Here’s what we need: we are now gearing up to make intubation boxes used in the ICU and we are trying to spread the word to everyone looking for these boxes. Our San Leandro store just made two boxes for a doctor from Stanford and he was ecstatic with the design and what it can do. We want all hospitals to have access to these if needed. They are made using cast acrylic with sanded edges. It’s the more chemical resistant acrylic and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol without cracking. They are NOT flame polished. If you need more information please contact the store that is closest to you. The following stores are open. (Doors are not open, but if you send an email, they can get your order ready, paid for, and will bring out to the curb for curbside pickup.) If you are out of the area, please contact San Leandro as they can ship.

San Leandro TAP10@TAPplastics.com
Portland TAP12@TAPplastics.com
San Jose TAP13@TAPplastics
Stockton TAP17@TAPplastics.com
San Francisco TAP23@TAPplastics.com
Santa Rosa TAP29@TAPplastics.com
Bellevue TAP31@TAPplastics.com
Seattle TAP32@TAPplastics.com
Lynnwood TAP33@TAPplastics.com


just saw that and was going to post.

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I still have a boat load of 5.4mm acrylic. I’ll have to check this design out and need locally when the tide hits here.


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