Tape dispenser replacement part

This is my second go at fixing our cheap plastic tape dispenser. The 3d-printed spool holder lasted about 5 years, but I wanted to try this one on the Glowforge.

This is also the first time I’ve tried designing something with a living hinge. I’m really happy with the snap-fit between the two halves of the spool holder. Where the tape slides on probably needs a bit of a lead-in, but it works… so I’m done. I’m not making a thousand of these things anyway.


Nice fix.

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Handy! :sunglasses:

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Nice solution. Simple and effective practical cut.


Great idea. How well does it turn? It would seem to be a bumpy spin.

Great job!

Treellama I am trying to design something similar if you have it could you please share a pic of each piece before you put them together. I would really appreciate it. I am assuming two pieces designed the same but a visual would be great. I am currently approaching the issue from the round perspective. But in the end might just go with a design from thingaverse. Great solution and I’m sure a bit quicker than 3D printing it.

That’s great!

After I posted I wished I had shown some 2d pictures. Here you go:

And the SVG (although it doesn’t seem to be working?)

This was in medium draftboard.