Tape to buy for boards

What tape can I purchase at lowes for the glowforge to tape boards?

I am not sure that Lowe’s sells the preferable masking material. The masking tape that is sold at Lowe’s is more for painting projects. A quick search of the forum for masking material results in better options.


100% true.

If you’re in a big hurry, you can probably get paper masking material at a local sign shop. I’d call ahead, but any shop that does vinyl signs or acrylic signs will probably have “paper transfer tape”, which is a generic term for it. They even have small (expensive) rolls of stuff that will work at most Michaels locations.

If you’re in less of a hurry, mail order is one way to get exactly what you need. This might be helpful, check out #2:


Using something like masking tape to mask your project is painful. The edges of the tape must be butted up tight but not over lapping and tiny areas may be full of sticky residue after an engrave. It is much better to use a paper masking product that is wide enough to cover the whole project in one piece. This is the product I have on hand that came from Amazon:


This is a good illustration of what I say in #2 of the post I linked above:


Longer rolls are cheaper but for me who has had this 100 ft roll for a few years now with probably 97 feet still on it I think it’s just what I need.


Fair play! I go through about a roll every 2-3 months when I’m cutting a lot. All depends on your needs. Also, it may be that the 100 foot roll is a great deal per square foot, it’s just something to look out for if you’re trying to go as inexpensively as possible.


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