Tardis Project from Scratch

That’s fair. Thanks!

There are color conventions to set job order. @janee you will probably like this:

And for an advanced interpretation:

Yeah, I know the second is inkscape-aimed but it applies to pretty much all vector programs. Definitely read through it.

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Many who have shops list it in the profile section of parameters.
Then when people click on the avatar picture, the shop link is exposed.
Click on Janee’s image above for an example.

Nice Tardis.


Thanks. I have a main website but I used the Etsy site in my profile here. I wasn’t aware of this option. Thanks.

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@evansd2 Oooooh! Thanks for the links! Very helpful and informative. :heart:

No problem. Those color/order rules are the key to making the material test work, check out #6:

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Any vector will come into the GFUI as cutting vectors. They will however use the color to put each of the colors in a different layer so each layer can have separate settings of cut score or engrave, and if there are different settings for different groups of engraving you can add another color and that can be on a fourth layer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this. It’ll help. I was hoping to answer the import question for color coding to determine which color works best to automatically set score, cut, and engrave steps. I suppose that testing is something I should do on my own. I was hoping for a Glowforge Rule that could help make it easier to pre-determine those steps for me.

I was aware of the coloring being used to break up the import into steps. Just didn’t know what color gave you which step (cut, score, engrave). I also think it is possible that coloring could be used to set speed and power. Is that possible?

Colors do not set speed and power, and currently they also don’t set score. Vector lines, no matter what color, will result in a cut default.

The reason colors won’t set speed and power is because those are dependent upon the material not the operation.


Colors separates things by kind, but not more as you would not want the lines cut and engraved to have only one possible setting. The GFUI sets each color of vectors into a different layer so you can assign a different process to each layer. However, the user still has to set the parameters in each case and even if you specify a type of material, they may choose something with different settings, and you do not want to be held responsible for that anyway.

I agree that colors can separate different vectors into steps. I also understand that colors have no bearing on power or speed. Just wondering. I will continue to define in my SVG files that I sell to indicate the breakdown of steps by color. I have seen people’s direction refer to “red” as cut and “blue” as score in their files. I was just looking for a “rule” that Glowforge supports. I appreciate the dialog and the positive comments on my design specifically. I made another sale on this file since posting this thread. It was not my primary goal, and not sure it was generated from this thread, but if so then it was worth it.

Vector FILLS come in as engrave, though. (unless something has changed in the last 6 months?)


That is for them to use those settings. Usually, that is all the settings needed, but as they come in to the GFUI they will default to cut if only the PG material is called out (like on the pasted computer mark)

If it was actually automatic, folk would not need to call it out :grin:

That’s beautifully done! As far as price for files - there is so much variation there is definitely no “correct” answer. It looks like a lot of folks have both your person use and commercial versions in their carts, so hopefully you sell well!

Thanks. I guess if they are selling, the price is right.

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You are right. Thanks for clarifying.

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Lovely tardis. Whoop whoop!


Welcome to the forum, very realistic replica! Which is your favourite doctor?