Tarot card boxes


Seeing as some of my tarot decks (I own too many) come with either ridiculously large or no boxes at all, I decided to try my hand at making a custom box.

The Housewives Tarot has a cutesy “recipe box” style package which isn’t very practical for backpack carrying. The same designers at “The Zombie Tarot” which also has an enormous box.


I guesstimated the size of the top half, and in fear of making it too tight of a fit, it’s fairly loose. I’m considering lining it with felt or something to offer a little friction. The bottom half, however, fit the cards just right.


The box is fantastic… that deck looks amazing, too!


Love it! Very retro!


The font looks great with the engraved outline. Maybe you’ll craft your own deck of tarot cards next? :slight_smile:


Looks really professional!!


Shhhh. (I’m working on it.)


Love your fonts and design on the lid!


I’d love to take more credit for the typography, but alas, that belongs to Paul Kepple and Jude Buffum, aka Headcase Design, out of Philadelphia. They have killer aesthetic prowess.

I just recreated the existing logo in Illustrator and added some minor embellishment.


The miscalculation on the top shell was bothering me, so I redesigned it. I’m much happier with it. New scored border, revamped low-power drop shadow (the original was a halftone dot pattern that not only was too tiny to discern, each dot was vectored, so the processing time beforehand was painfully long), and cutouts on the top and sides to ease opening/closing and just for aesthetics.

And a comparison shot to the original attempt at the top shell.

And now to find my other decks that lack boxes.


I like the first one…but I really really like the new one!! Nice redo!



Your newest box looks awesome, I especially like the boarder around the top. :grin:


Love them both!


If my Chthulu themed decks ever make it out of kickstarter purgatory(too much of a success style downfall-but apparently still plugging away at it), I’ll have to make a similar style box. This is cool.


I’m still waiting for my Twin Peaks deck (an IndieGogo project. They apparently ran into licensing issues. Whodathunk?) but if it ever comes my way, I’m definitely making a custom box for it.