Task Board

This is our take on a To-Do board for myself and my kids which hangs in the kitchen.

There’s three layers to it, with the back layers made of inexpensive Baltic Birch and the front with Proofgrade Maple.

There’s something about the tactile feel of “checking off” a task - my kids have certainly taken to it, and we had an “achievement” treat the first day that we were able to move every task chip to the Done side.


Is there a tile for “make things on Glowforge?”


Seconded! :grinning:

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There is!
We each have a “Make” tile under the Weekly tasks (added a few days after I took that picture). Of course, we don’t need it, since everyone is addicted to making stuff on the forge.


Very cool design! I’m a visual person so seeing my chips in the “done” category would be very satisfying.


Definitely like the idea.
I cover the table with paper lists, then create new lists based on parts of old lists of things partly done, etc, etc…
Might save me a lot of paper, never mind the time writing lists !

Back in UK for 2 months, so I’ll have to write list of things to do when I get back to Corinth.


This is just great!! Love practical things like this!!

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This is a great way to encourage kids! Awesome design!