Tea boat

The project production continues (It pays to design in advance to receiving the machine)

This is a Tea Boat, designed to receive water from spills or cleaning in the tea process. I already had one, but it was all wood and started to warp from humidity. So I designed a new one.

Made from 1/8" PG Maple Plywood (1-1/3 sheets), 1/8" PG Clear Acrylic (2/3 Sheet) and PG Walnut Veneer (1/4-1/3 of a sheet).

There is an acrylic box nested inside the wooden one (I could have detailed and cut the wooden box on the sides but decided not for visual reasons)

I decided to have a simple finger joint with the thickness of the material has the teeth height, but I didn’t realized the acrylic wasn’t exactly 1/8" but a bit thinner and so, the nesting is a bit too tight.

I have a Hexagonal design thing and so, I had to include it. Which is why the holes are hexagonal.

The 1/8" cover is a bit light for my cast iron pot, but it holds for now. Also the inlay isn’t graceful/ perfect (I hid a lot of mistakes there) but I would need to better beta test before for the next one)

The only thing missing is a good coat of varnish for protection.

Edit 2019-10-24: Did a varnish coat, but the top layer is creeping due to my cast iron tea pot. Would need a middle support or a thicker material. Also, the inlay works but isn’t the best idea in this.


Beautiful as well as useful. I like the hexagonal grid and veneer. :grinning::+1:


Hexagone are my design fetish, they will come back regularly, you shall see :wink: (have other things designed but not cut yet that include that theme)


I’ll bet the old one wasn’t nearly as pretty as this one! And if it warps with the moisture you’ll be able to fix it easy. Nice job!


Nice. And you can even say it five times fast!


Really nice design!! Is that a double wall Tea Cup? I made a few, many years ago but did not have them that nice.


It is. Bought from David’s tea. I first bought a set but they had pulled it out of collection by the time I wanted more. Then I broke one. I tried to buy some elsewhere but the volume ( which I really like) isn’t standard. Last Fall, they brought it back. Bought 8 (4 + spares) not to be caught searching for them.

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Without some fixed size tool getting them even similar is a real challenge. Folks always make a joke about glass blowers (just don’t suck in) but that is exactly what is needed that the outside is made with a thick hot part across the top. But unless there is a tool to set the shape the pressure differences try to make a sphere, but a tool leaves a mark so that too is a problem. A search for what is very likely very slight circular variations would tell a lot, even having a very polished tool would likely leave something.

You clearly know more about glass then me. What i meant was that usual double wall glass are either espresso size (half what I have) or coffee mug size (1.5-2 times what I have).

Lovely! Love that you lined it with acrylic.

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Update based on usage see first post