Teacher Appreciation Bookmarks

With daughter graduating high school this month, it looks like I’ve finally reached the end of teacher appreciation gifts. The Glowforge has come in very handy through the years.
Made these bookmarks from Houston Acrylics leatherette.


Interesting. Cheap. Hmm, wonder if they have an sds or any other info about composition. I’d say they’re reselling Johnson plastics, but I’m not sure Johnson makes those colors, and it’s pretty cheap to be a resell.

Also, they recommend 225 lpi for engraves, seems like that would be pretty jaggy. I would start at 340 and test to get the right settings if it were me, but then I dislike noticeable scan lines. Your results look good, where’d you end up on settings?


I just used their recommended settings. Results are good.


It’s definitely a lot less expensive than leather. Not the same feel though. Leatherette is a lot more rubbery feeling. Engraves and cuts very well.


What does the back look like? with Johnson plastics saddle collection, it’s some kind of fabric.


They are not reselling. I have a bunch from Houston Acrylics, and some from JPPlus. The backs are completely different. The HA leatherette has a squichy foam backing, where the other has a rough cloth feel to it.

Waiting for photos to send from phone to PC, but the HA feels thicker because of the foam backing. I really like it. The gold it engraves to is really nice and subtle too. I have to admit I didn’t engrave the JPPlus stuff though, I just used it to apply HTV.

Because of the smooth foam backing, I find it really easy to apply 3M to the back. I have fabric glue I used for the JJPlus stuff, and this handles fabric glue well too, but the 3M is less messy and seems to be holding up fine-I made engraved patches for my drone bag, which gets thrown around alot.


On Android, If I select ‘share’ it uploads and creates a link in seconds, then it is in your photos folder ready to manipulate.


Any idea of the composition? Polyurethane maybe?


Oh, that’s a good idea. I’ve been sending through bluetooth.


You know what…I think it is made by JDS. I just looked at one of my unopened colors, and it has the SKU of: LLS117, which pulls up this:


This is the red one I am checking. It has the same foam backing as all the others I ordered from HA.


Alas JDS isn’t direct to consumer. I wonder how inexpensive it is wholesale…?


A very thoughtful gift. Sure to be a hit with teachers.


Must be really inexpensive to resell it at 6 dollars a sheet. I know I bought a ton of it in every color from them. I really like it. Maybe someday I’ll open a wholesale account. But then I’d be in trouble with hoarding all the materials I never use…


What settings did you use for HA leatherette? I want to cut it.
Thank you

FYI, we are only supposed to discuss manual settings in the Beyond the Manual section - but as the OP stated they used the manufacturers recommended settings you can go to the link provided and find your answer!


I’m sorry, I didn’t know that I have to post in special sections.

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Not a problem at all - it’s not that your post needed to go somewhere else, it was that @scooterdup’s answer (if they had actually used manual settings) would have to be.

If you’re looking for settings it’s always worth searching in Beyond the Manual.

In the case of the Leatherette you’ll see there are a number of folks who have already answered :slight_smile:


There are a couple different manufacturers, and every machine is slightly different - so you may have to play around but that’ll get you started!

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