Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 2

I’m so excited to see other posts with teacher gifts! Gosh…the Glowforge makes it so easy to make amazing things…I almost feel like I’m cheating!!!

I’m still spoiling our music teacher…this is yesterday’s gift. I have fun writing little poems to go along with the gift. Of course this is a ceramic tile engraving. I didn’t show the back but I glued on a piece of felt to make it into a REAL coaster. I can’t take credit for the artwork but I LOVE the way it came out and the contrast.

Quick note…if you’re also trying out tile engraving, another post recommended the Sharpie OIL markers, and I concur. Especially when you have an engraving and have large spaces (like the notes) a regular Sharpie will wash away.


Nicely done! :grinning:

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Really nice!

That looks great!

Awwwww, what a nice gift. Love the little poem as well!

Do you tape the tile then color then remove the tape?
Thanks in advance