Teacher Gift

I blatantly stole someone’s idea from the forums that I can’t find the post for now, and, using @dan_berry’s OpenSCAD: International Ruler of Mystery I made a “teacher rules” ruler for my gkid to give her teacher on the last day of school. I took it a step further, though, and had her add a message in her own handwriting that I etched on the back. It was Mrs. Brandt’s first year of teaching, and I know the gift will be all the more memorable for her because of that. And she did a superb job and deserved something memorable. :slight_smile: (The one pictured is one I made to keep for myself. Since I planned to photograph it, I left off my granddaughter’s full name, which on the original was engraved with the grade level and dates on the back of the ruler.)



Love it!


Now that is a teacher gift that will probably be the best she will receive in a long time. So incredibly thoughtful!

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Yeah, those are the kind you keep! :grinning:

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This is just adorable! What a thoughtful gift!

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