Teacher Keychain


Posted a keychain I made yesterday … thought I’d post the svg file, in case anyone could use it.

Teacher Keychain.zip (14.7 KB)


Oh awesome! (My sister’s a teacher, I might just have to make one of those for her birthday next month!) Thank you! :grinning:


Well, if her name is Katie … let me know! I could always send the other side!


Thanks, the file appears to be in studio3 format – is there an easy way to convert to svg?


Oh pooh! Grabbed the wrong one! Be right back!

Deleted Studio … added SVG. Thank you @YawString !


Hah, didn’t notice, but I have Studio. (The SVG would be less work to convert! Chuckle!) :smile:


Also … yes, I use an online conversion when needed. The following site allows 10 conversions a day.



Well thank you! This could also be used for a bookmark—so versatile.


Great idea and execution … trying to figure out LIBRARIAN … but no element with the AN I need.

So, I’ll try something else. :glowforge::sunglasses:


Here is a site … That adds in fictional elements to get it done.


Not for everyone … But maybe?


Thank you for this. Great inspiration for other uses too!


Now that’s super cool :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! I really like the design.


I love it when I find something on here I didn’t know I needed!


I made one out of PG Maple Plywood. Thanks again for sharing!


Thank you for posting yours! Love it in maple!


Yeah, I like it in maple too. That’s all I had on hand, but it turned out great!
I’m thinking about shrinking it down a bit. I think with using engrave, the detail would still show nicely.