Teachers wanting to connect about teaching with Glowforge

Aloha from Hawaii,

I’m interested in connecting with other educators to share, learn and talk shop about how they use the Glowforge in the classroom setting. Let’s get going!

Mahalo, Ramsay Antonio-Barnes


@theroar84 is a teacher I think.

A little clever searching might help you find others:



These searches show you topics where the first post contain the word “teacher” and “students”, respectively. The results will probably be of interest to you and help you find like-minded people at the same time. .

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You may be able to partner with a local Michelle’s or other retailer, apple did this very successfully give one to a a teacher then have 50 students end up buying one!


@Dan are you listening?

I have one but have been locked out of school due to construction all summer. Will be back in the creating business 9-1 =)

I am not a teacher, I am a pulsed power engineer, but
my local schools were really hurting as far as STEM programs go. I like to use my glowforges to give back to the community and so I work with the teachers in charge of the STEM programs and print anything the students make. I also record a part of the print so the student can feel like they were virtually there. I do not charge them or anything for it and there certainly is interest from students with it. So that is a good setup where the school gets to use it virtually.

What specific age group do you work with? I can suggest some ideas teaches have done for that age group.

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