Teacup Holster Mk II

Teacup Holster Mk II

Building on what I learned from the first version I removed the snap and used the top strap to hold both the cup and saucer. I ended up adding to more rivets to that strap after assembly to tighten up the fit on the cup handle. I also shrank the saucer section and it fits much better.

Overall it came together well. The horizontal strap needs to be shortened some after reducing the diameter of the body. The bottom strap will also rivet into the horizontal strap with the latch.

I also added a slot for the teaspoon and an ID pocket. I now deem it playa ready.


Nicely done! That stitching is so perfect and I love the color of the leather, did you dye it yourself? The ID slot made me laugh at the contrast with the tea cup too. Never know when you’re going to get carded at the tea shop. :tea: :smile:


This is the best teacup holster I’ve ever seen - though, I can’t say how many I’ve actually seen. Really, it is a nice piece of work!



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A beautiful piece! I agree … The color is gorgeous!


Oh dear. Now my daughter will want one.

Beautiful work!


Thank you!

The stitching is perfect because the Glowforge cuts perfect holes. :wink: I’ve only hand stitched less than ten things and even the first one people thought it was machine stitched.

Yes I did dye the leather myself. It is standard veg tanned leather. After cutting it I wipe it down with some alcohol soaked cotton balls to remove the smoke residue. Then I went over it four or five times on the finished side with Neetsfoot oil and about three times on the flesh side. It really made the veg tanned leather nice and supple but did darken it quite a bit.

Finally I used Fiebing’s Leather Dye in light brown. In another first I used an airbrush to apply it. With the darkening from the oil it came out pretty dark already. I had wanted to antique the edges a bit but it was already darker than I had intended so I left it as is. I went over the leather a few times with the dye to build up an even coat.

After dyeing I used Echo-Flo Edge Kote on all the pieces. Then I finished up with two layers of Eco-Flo Top Finish, Gloss and a good buff with a paper towel. I rushed it a bit as I did all those steps in one evening. It will be interesting if it changes over time. I wanted to finish it up to wear to an event tonight.

As for the ID slot - that is a feature I added specifically for Burning Man. Most every camp has a bar and even though everything is free they still do card. Law enforcement is present and have been known to bust people for serving underage people. To CYA most just card everybody.

The other big requirement to getting served is to bring your own cup. That’s where the whole idea for the holster came from. I thought it would be great fun to walk up to a bar all dusty from being out on playa and pull out this nice teacup. Think Mad Max meets high tea. :smiley:

One amazing thing about Burning Man is that there are no trashcans anywhere at the event and there is no trash to be seen. Everybody is really good a picking up after themselves and that’s the driving force behind bring your own cup. If every bar handed out paper or plastic cups the trash would be a problem.


Thank you all!

A couple of final tweaks to the design and I think I’ll call it done. :slight_smile:



Hey Dan, are you any closer to allowing community designs into the catalog? I think it needs a teacup holster once I perfect the design. :wink:


In addition to enjoying your description of the process for your teacup holster, I also enjoyed reading the bits and pieces about Burning Man. I wanted to go to that a long time ago, but it never happened…and sure won’t happen now. All the same though, hearing different descriptions from those that have been is always fascinating to me.


Why won’t it happen? Make it happen. :wink:


Advancing age…husband with medical problems…etc., etc.


Age is no problem but medical issue can be. Several years ago I went up early with three other people. We setup 3000 square feet of shade structure for the rest of the camp. One of the group turned 72 that week.

This is one of my favorite videos (Warning: some nudity): https://youtu.be/Ho9umwLzyJA

I’m still trying to get my Mom and David (80 and 90) to go. :wink: