Teak settings

Anybody engraved teak ? I have a cutting board but not sure of what settings to use, Having trouble finding any info on this type of wood ? Thanks

I use this on every new type of wood so what I think is 0.48 teak that did not cut through even at 100- full power and started to burn when it tried, but at 340 lpi and 350 speed it engraved 0.08 deep.

These discussions need to be in the beyond the manual area so I am moving it there.


If you load a design into the glowforge it stays where it is. You can move it with your mouse and the arrow keys, but once you are done positioning it, it stays put. The first time you engrave it, the second time, the tenth time, it engraves in the same exact spot. If the gantry gets bumped, turn the machine on and off, reload your design and it will be in the same exact spot.

What this means for engraves is that as long as you don’t move your cutting board you can keep engraving until you get what you want. So if you under-power your engrave you can inspect your results (just don’t move the cutting board), adjust your settings and do it again.

I don’t recall seeing any teak engraves. There is always the chance it engraves in a way you don’t like no matter what your settings. But that is the risk with any new material.

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A quick search seems to indicate nobody has shared info on Teak before.

As with any material, testing before committing to a full print are in order. Look forward to hearing what you find.