Team Rubicon Greyshirts

This is a shot in the dark here. Is anyone here a member of Team Rubicon, and have you used your Glowforge to mark up the spacebar on your shirts? If so, would you mind sharing the laser settings?


Huh, had to google it.

As for marking up that white space… I am not sure what it’s made of, if it’s a vinyl, it may be PVC and therefore should never be lasered. That being said, sometimes heat transfer “vinyl” is really pulyurethane. I’d get a firm answer about that before I attempted to laser it. Lasering PVC, if you don’t know, is one of the few things that can outright kill your glowforge. Search the forum for “pvc” for more information if you’re curious. It’s bad mojo.


Good point. I hadn’t thought of it being PVC.


Yeah it may not be. Umm who makes that HTV?

Ahh here we go: Siser. Their heat transfer vinyl is not actually vinyl.

But like I said if I were you I’d get dead sure about it before I gave it a shot.


LaserFlex also makes a laserable HTV-like material.

Note that, while Siser EasyWeed is laser-safe, I believe they also make other products that are not.

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You could either obtain Siser HTV in Black and then iron /Heat press it on top of the white bar, or cut out a stencil of laser safe material and then use acrylic paint over the white bar.