Tech rabbit hole list


Okay…while I’m waiting for my email… I was wondering what are some of your favorite techy, geeky, or nerdy sites to browse? (Im thinking inventables…hacknmod…and even from back in the catalog days, edmunds. (Okay…i just dated myself…again))


Lets see, so many that I go to. Start with,, (yes they have laser cut stuff). I could go on for a while depending on what you’re interest are.


Too many craft sites to list, but Snapguide is a good one, along with Lifehacker .


Cool…I’ll grab my trusty headlamp from scoutmastering days to light the dark corners as I go… thanks. Oh I`m eclectic very. From crafty to new tech stuff to watching YouTube vids… currently Dexys midnight runners…ha


Oh come on Eileen…


lolcats. Oh no, wait, you said tech sites…


That’s a rabbit hole, for sure.


If you like Edmunds, you’re going to love

It’s a site I “rediscover” every couple of years (and yes, I used to get their dead-tree catalogs).


This is no rabbit hole. More like the tunnels in Stranger Things!
I’ll just add one. Hack-a-day.
Oh, yeah I lied, don’t ever forget Googleing when you start a new project! You’ll be amazed at how many people have one thing out there that is better than the places I go to frequently.


I’ve been watching a lot of these.

Lots of fun geeky stuff and a passion for panels and displays.

Most of the BOTLR reviews are totally NSFW and hilarious.


There’s also:


The BOTLR guy is hilarious. Although I will say his videos must be watched in moderation, or you will quickly get tired of his linguistic antics.


All tech instructables…