Tech Support Response?


Can anyone advise me on how long I should except back and forth with someone from the support to take? I got a response yesterday morning to my calibration issue asking me to send a picture of the gold pins on the machine. I did, and never received a response. I sent a follow up today to make sure my photo wasn’t lost in the ether somewhere, and didn’t get a response to that either.

My GF has been totally unusable for going on three days and I was really hoping for some kind of resolution before the weekend…I’m having project withdrawals.

The great irony is that if this is a queue, your answer to this should come later than the answer to your original request.

Irony part 2: assuming they are struggling to keep up with demand, they now have to clear this item, further delaying them for other users.

That’s a big assumption in part 1… I don’t know that GF has ever explained how they may or may not prioritize the support queue, and the response time can vary pretty widely. I hope you get squared away, but I wouldn’t bet your weekend on it.

Thanks. Super disappointing. My machine is pretty new and right now it’s a $6,000 brick.

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Did you post on the forum about your original problem? Lemme search your posts.

hmm doesn’t look like it.

The community can be pretty helpful, if you want to describe the issue here maybe we can offer advice?

Thanks! I’ll do that. I did a lot of reading about the issue here, and tried most of the suggestions to no avail, but no harm asking!

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In order to prevent extraneous threads and tickets getting opened, why not post it as a comment here?

Every new topic in support category creates a new ticket. You have already opened an email ticket and now one more ticket on this thread… adding to this one wont make more tickets on their end.

Oops, I moved too quickly and posted.

heh. well lets go see

How about I move this one out of P&S to try and decrease their workload a tiny bit…? :slight_smile:

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I’m so sorry for the trouble! I’ve passed along this issue and the details from your other forum post to the team. We’ll follow up shortly via email with next steps to get the repair or replacement process started right away.