Technoween - Orlando, FL


If you are in the Orlando area tomorrow, come on by the Downtown Public Library tomorrow afternoon. I have been asked to bring some of my laser projects to display.

Unfortunately, they do not have any windows that open, so I can not do live demonstrations. :disappointed:


That is very cool. Have a great time!


Making wood stickers for tomorrow.


Those are xtra cute! You going to make them sticky with adhesive or leave them as tokens? :grinning:


It’s 3M Tape. It’s already done!




Since I wasn’t able to cut out color stickers (no snapmarks yet) I used the veneer, which turned out better. The kids had not seen them and they could color them.


Good thing I took photos at the beginning. I forgot to take any during and after.


Oooh, I like the little coffin box design…that would be cute to hand out instead of candy…(should probably get cracking though…). :grinning:


Here you go…


Oh, totally cool! Thanks a bunch! :grinning:


I thought of something after I made them. It would be cool to engrave wood planks on to them to give them some more texture.


Wow, cool stuff!! I bet your area was a hit at the Technoween gathering!


wow and wow! so much design time and so much engrave time!! How do you do it?


I was working late in the lab one night… Bout 6hrs laser time. Tiles took about 30mins each.


Here is a link to the spider I made out clear acrylic above. No assemble instructions, and I assume two extra piece in the upper right-hand corner, since I could not figure out where they went.


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