Teddy Bear counters box - replacing an oldie

Back in the 1980s my husband learned early math skills with the help of these plastic bears. He visualized all his elementary math homework with their help.
My kids are enjoying the same methods.

They are growing up in a completely different world than we did.

I chose 1/4 inch baltic birch ply - hoping that my grandchildren will still be counting with the plastic bears.
I had some mis-cuts - it went all the way through most of the cuts; but it isn’t proofgrade, so there is some charring where I re-cut.
A gal can never have too many clamps.

I seriously love classic game design.
I’m a sucker for old game boxes and logos.
I added the box art to the inside box because Why not?
Laser all the things.
I also made it 1/4 inch deeper, since, when all 100 bears are accounted for, it can get a bit squishy in there.

I tried to be pretty faithful to the original artist, though admittedly, I redrew the sides of the box with Futura Bold, which is a similar font to the original.
Media Materials Inc, of Baltimore doesn’t appear to be making educational helps for little kids any more. I love their groovy logo, though.

So there’s my new box, which should hopefully stand up to anything, including use as a spare booster at thanksgiving.


Love this!!! Making new containers for old stuff.


Sweet improvement over cardboard! :grinning:


So awesome!!

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Great way to pass along the teddy bear counters with a personal touch! The clamp configuration is admirable - I predict years of use will be no match for this box :slight_smile:


Wow, I’ve never seen Teddy Bear counters. What a great box! It will get a lot of love!

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This is awesome! I teach kindergarten so all of our boxes for learning centers, puzzles, and everything else go through an inordinate amount of wear and tear. My goal is to build a bunch of stuff like this as well as learning centers that used to be paper will now be acrylic.


I need more clamps!


Heh, no one has ever said that they have too many clamps.


That’s great! They really are in a different world with this type of capability.

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WHAT?! Kids had these FUN things to learn how to count!

All I got was an Abacus!


You got an Abacus? We only got a rock. We only learned how to count to 1 though :slight_smile:


A rock? Oh if only we had the luxury of a rock.


One of my many favorites dilbert strips.


Love it :slight_smile:

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This is such a great gift idea too! I really want to remake the “Aggravation” game box for my mom now! We’ve been playing it since I was my son’s age, and the box is just barely holding it together anymore. Beautiful work, and thank you for the inspiration!

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I used these same teddy bears with my youngest daughter homeschooling :slight_smile:

She now uses the GF as part of her high school homeschool.

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