Temperature monitor


This is the second project that I made. I wanted to keep up with my shop temperature since some folks were having temperature issues. I have enjoyed having it in my shop as a constant reminder to keep it cool.




Oooh! You did electronics things? Kewl! :sunglasses::+1:


I like that you spell it out in a friendly manner. Nice box too!


That is so cool!!! (No pun intended.) I have been looking at some of the clock and thermometer electronic kits thinking it’d be fun to make a case for them. Now you’ve inspired me.


I don’t know what it is about clear acrylic, but it makes stuff look good to me.


I was looking at some gas sensors to add to my arduino, something to send me a text via IFTT when it detects the presence of CO.


Same here. I love the look and feel of it. It must be something about the smooth, shiny look to it.


Nice and clean looking…love the clear too!


This is quite a second project! I’m excited to see what you make next for your shop.


I was searching the forum to see if this had been suggested/in the hopper already…

How about adding the ambient room temperature from the glow forge to the app page? Next to the glowforge status?


We don’t have a temp sensor that can reliably detect room temp, since they’re all inside the greenhouse of the lid. (No joke, it can slowly heat up in there when it sits idle, you’d be surprised how much).


I was just wondering if you could add a indicator to others know when it is too warm to forge. Not much of a problem in my house, my wife keeps the AC set at 70°F.


That explains a lot.


Easy enough to run to the dollar store for a thermometer…lol

I keep my office between 65° and 79°. But while working, its set to 71…optimal temp for the machinery…and me…lol


I have got one a while back. Mainly bought it to show my wife that the bedroom was the same temp as the living room. :slight_smile:

I got the idea from a plugin I installed on my octopi.


Keep a remote temp sensor inside the GF. Won’t show the coolant temp but I am now in the habit of keeping the lid open at idle. Gives a few degrees and sometimes much more depending on angle of sun through the window.