Tempered glass engraving

I have a pice of glass 45.5”x16” but its tempered, has anyone done something like this before? What steps should i take?

If you use the search function, you’ll find previous discussion on this.

I saw it, its just that he just had small coasters, im wondering if having a bigger piece might make it so that i get different results?

It shouldn’t. You are just interfacing with the surface either way.

Long ones I think. To see what happens look at the tempered glass lids of Glowforges that have had fires,

Tempered glass is strong because extreme forces are involved, but balanced, Applying enough energy to make a mark will likely unbalance those forces with very sudden results.

So i shouldnt do it?

I wouldn’t! One little weak spot and you have sudden gravel flying about with sharp edges, :grimacing:


Okay thanks, now what about stained glass that isnt tempred?

Stained glass or tile etc are fine.