Tempered Hardboard from Home Depot


If you tap your fingers on the surface as it’s lying on the honeycomb, you’ll quickly learn to tell the difference. Where it’s flat on the tray it will be more of a “thump,” and where there’s a tiny bit of gap you’ll get more of a “click.” I keep adding pins/magnets until I can’t find any areas that click.


Here’s the results of my tests - 1/4 hardboard, Home Depot:

Looks like Speed 125, 1 pass, full power is the winner. Just cut 4 push sticks for the table saw, they all cut cleanly through.

The first 100 was shooting flames (obviously) the 2nd one didn’t, so I guess it’s a crap shoot as to that flammability of the material where you cut it. But thankfully I can now create some awesome jigs for the table saw. :slight_smile:


I have used both. Pegboard is just awful, or at least the Lowes 0.2" stuff is. I’ve had a very hard time cutting through it without singeing it. Hardboard is difficult, but doesn’t carbonize as much. It’s nice for applications where MDF or wood would be too porous, and strong enough acrylic would break the bank.

For example, I have a lid that fits down inside my recycling bin, which has to support 14 pounds of thieving cat. No way in heck am I paying for 0.25" acrylic for a trash can lid, and ply/MDF would absorb the cat food odors before you even started cutting it out.