Templates, nomographs,stencils, etc

I had an intense dream that I was exploring a store entirely composed of templates, nomographs, stencils, graphical mechanical calculators etc. Does anyone know of such a place? I would like to make a wide assortment of these. What do you think?



No, but I like the way you think! I’ve found a fair bit of slip sticks and e6b’s on the webs. I’d try dedicated searching.


Here’s a nomograph that I use almost daily.

And here’s how to use it.

BPvsPnomograph (1).pdf (21.3 KB)

Often, when I am making something in the lab that has never been made before, I use a computer program I wrote to predict the boiling point, toxicity, retention time in a chromatogram, and polarity/solubility parameter. A more complicated model predicts new polymer properties before I attempt to make it for the first time. Currently, I am attempting to make the first plastic that is as conductive as copper wire.


I love the variety.
I love the depth of your understanding, and that I never feel that you are talking down to me.
Great templates and stencils. Thanks for making me look up nomograph.


Wow. I’ve used nomographs and slide rules for years and love how they convey mathematical relationships at a visceral level! Many of these are on my :glowforge: to-do list…


Teacher supply stores sometimes have huge racks of stencils, like the animal ones you posted. I’m not sure if it’s because little kids like to use them, or because theyre useful for teachers, or both.

Tupperware used to make these stencils when I was little. The horse and dolphin were my favorite, and I never used the geometric shape one. Mmm, nostalgia.

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I have some unique ideas along these lines on my Glowforge to do list.


My company makes stencils for face and body painting. http://www.trendytribals.com


This one (well, an earlier plastic version) used to be my nearly-constant companion:


Thank you for the kind words! I tutor a great deal. To successfully help someone, I have to first go back to find where they stopped understanding things and then relate the difficult concept to something they know. Before I start the tutoring session, I ask questions about their hobbies, interests, etc to make this job easier. Typically, I see the light go on in their face, and their confidence soars. Mission successful ! In preparing for the tutoring session, I find that I learn more deeply what I thought I already knew. Often I find that many of our most difficult experiences, properly related, can be the source of the greatest wisdom for others. I once spent nine excruciating years learning how to deal with the core insecurities that led me to be jealous. In conquering my demon, I was able to help many of my younger friends, mostly female, to both recognize the signs and solutions to jealousy in potential partners. It is especially gratifying when one of those partners comes back to thank me for enhancing or enabling him to have better relationships. It makes those horrible nine years worth it.


Those are cool!

I find this forum to be especially important as inspiration for my research. Here I find, even the most subtle creative thought from one of you, leads to some rather profound revelations in my knowledge. Feel free to ask me to explain things better, when necessary. I won’t be offended. If you feel like attacking me, be warned, I
will love you anyway!


For some strange reason I have an obsession with sliderules of various sizes and complexity. Always found it interesting how mathematical relationships could be physically demonstrated. I guess it runs in the family. My uncle commissioned this 1963 Microwave Calculator for his work. Somewhere I have a notebook full of my ideas for these similar, but less arcane, calculators. Probably ought to find it and see what might be Glowforgable.


Oh I just had an idea. A Glowforge nonproofgrade cut, score and engraving calculator.


I think there might be a market for the software to make the Proofgrade codes. One could test the settings on stockpiled materials then print a code label to put on them.

Would be surprised if the QR codes included anything other than an identifier for the Proofgrade material. Settings are not likely to be part of the label, though it’s quite possible I’m wrong. Settings based on a label would have to be coordinated with the company. It gives them maximum control of any changes.


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Don’t forget this cool old nuclear weapons calculator!


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