Temporary gift stand-in

My siblings and I purchased a WYZE vacuum for our parents for the holidays. It was a pre-order and therefore didn’t have the gift in hand when we shared them, so I wanted to make a stand-in.

Looked at a picture on WYZE’s site, modeled up something in Illustrator, cut and assembled it all in less than an hour. It was a pretty big hit as a few people thought WYZE had sent it as a holdover!



“Glued” together w/ a solvent.

Only two issues:

  1. In my haste I forgot the power button/icon
  2. I flipped one of the pieces during assembly and the brush ended up on the wrong side when the “vacuum” is right side up.

I do this sort of thing every year for items that are either late or too large to wrap :slight_smile: Well done.

(This year it wasn’t lasered: I 3D printed the rocket from Myst. I gave a digital copy of the new VR version of the game to someone, and wanted something to wrap and put under the tree)


There’s a VR version now? Hmmm…


Yeah for oculus. I’m actually interested too as I never played it back in the day.

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Nice idea!

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Oh that’s adorable! I didn’t know WYZE was making a vacuum so now I’m on the wait list :slight_smile:

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Great way to have something under the tree.

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