Temporary tattoos

I’ve got friends who are tattoo artists, but I’m not sure they’d appreciate this. Heh…

This is cheap enough that if I was doing trade shows I think a person could make back the purchase price pretty quick. It’s $235 USD.

Prinker - the temporary tattoo printer


I wonder if it will be like inkjet printers, where ink refills cost practically as much as a new printer. I’d also love to see the first attempts of people trying to use this for the first time. Like, if you don’t move at the right speed, can you turn hello kitty into the stuff of nightmares?


Yeah that’s pretty neat.


is… is it not already?



^ My favorite HK character.

(in fact, the only HK thing that I like)


Hahaha! Love to start the day with a good laugh! Thanks for that. :sunglasses:

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The printer might also be really useful in a club/venue type of location, with custom codes/images/qrcodes instead of stamps or bracelets. If they have a black-light reactive ink, even more so.


Sweet! Nice find :slight_smile:

I kinda… REALLY want one!

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Unfortunately, I think they might have a bit of an uphill battle with the inks. I found some other videos where they did an arm of some booth person who was “glistening” (well, lightly sweating from ambient heat), and the ink was quite runny when applied.

Semi permanence was achieved with a light spray of some sort of a clear overcoat, but that couldn’t save a bad transfer. Maybe if they applied talc or baby powder first it might have saved it, but I think sweat is its biggest hurdle.


No alcohol wipe? That’d help also is think and less rub off if applied after(though the clear coat works for that too, unless the talc is needed to seal the pores to keep it from washing off from below?).

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I’m not sure it actually seals the pores per se, but it does provide a thin barrier for sweat absorption.
Alcohol wipes would be good for cleaning surface oils and adhesion before talc, sure.


For someones whos been the the airbrush temp tattoo industry for 18+ years…I wont say that I’m not annoyed…lol
They are not available to the public just yet…but I’ve sent for local distributer info since they are looking for companies to partner with.