TEMPY if the tube gets too cold let TEMPY warn you

So I live in the Chicago area and although it has not really been that cold here (yet) ( thank global-warming if you are a sadist!) I was concerned about my garage located Glowforge getting too cold. I found a helpful thread here and purchased a flatbed grow-heater to insert inside the Glowforge under the laser tube. Set the temp to about 70 degrees and it seem to stay warm.
However, I had know way to detect the temperature remotely until I found a nice Canadian company that makes TEMPY. TEMPY is a remote environmental sensor that I added its gateway to my network.
Once set I placed the small sensor box inside the Glowforge. Then set a warning to alert my phone if the temperature reaches below 60 degrees.
I can get a environmental reading on my phone or PC that TEMPY takes every few minutes that includes temperature of course, and humility, dew-point and atmospheric pressure.
Also I get a warning should the temperature in the Glowforge reach below 60.

You can buy 2 to 5 sensors from the site or Amazon too.


Ok I remove the heater and the TEMPY sensor BEFORE I start the GlowForge.


:slightly_smiling_face: Great idea for those who live in cold climates. (I’m going to shift this to the Everything Else category so it doesn’t open a support ticket for you and get closed prematurely.)


Well, I’m not looking to buy, but I checked their prices anyway. Amazon.com sells the 5 sensor package for $299 US. That works out to $387.66 CDN today. The Canadian site for Amazon sells that package for $605.63. The product is made in Canada but sells $217.97 cheaper in the US.

Not raining on your parade but there are many cheaper options, such as:


The Tempy looks nice because it claims long range, long battery life, and waterproof sensors. But at $300 for the 5 sensor kit… it’s not even on the list.

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