Ten Laser Commandments (from Thingiverse)

A clever person who goes by Noloxs just published this on Thingiverse. Not sure how many of them will apply to our Forges, but it was amusing.

For those who have trouble reading it:

I. Thou shalt have no smoke other than white.
II. Thou shalt always clean the holy lenses.
III. Thou shalt not book thy laser cutter before thy designs be done.
IV. Thou shalt not succumb to the temptation and cut pizza.
V. Remember the suction, to keep it chanting. [[Maybe they meant cutting?]]
VI. Honor they laser and thy material.
VII. Thou shalt not leave the room uncleansed.
VIII. Thou shalt not cut unholy material.
IX. Thou shalt not commit unconfigured cutting.
X. Thou shalt not consume liquor in the presence of Ulla Versal. [[Presumably they have a Universal laser.]]


V. Or maybe a coolant pump?

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Funny this is from the University I used to go to. The tablet was water cut then spray painted black. Then they used the laser to etch inverted.

Yes It’s a Universal laser (VLS 60.6) :slight_smile:

V they have an external large filtering unit that one needs to remember to turn on individually. Think by chanting they just mean “keep it working well / going”

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I read 5 to mean that you need to be sure to have the air exhaust humming along.


How about : Glowforge and prosper!

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Thou shalt read the MSDS


Mercy, have mercy! my stomach cannot handle the laughter

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Gonna have to consider writing my own 10 Glowforge Commandments, directed at my children…

  1. Thou shalt not try to laser off thy sister’s finger
  2. Thou shalt not attempt to give yourself tattoos