Terezi Cosplay prop


My daughter is cosplaying a Homestuck character named Terezi Pyrope. The character is blind and at times carries a signature weapon, her cane. This prop is a bit different than others since it isn’t readily apparent where the Glowforge came into play. I modeled the dragon head of the cane in 3d and then made 2d slices which I cut out of plywood and glued together. A bit of sanding, sculpting, and painting later and you have what you see here. Additionally the retaining mechanism that keeps the thing together is made of precision cut wood that makes a friction fit that works wonderfully.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

That’s rad! Looks great.
She must be really happy with it :slight_smile:


That is awesome! The Glowforge prints do just as well in a secondary role.


Oooooh! I love dragons! Wonderful job taking it truly 3D! :grinning: :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:


I think maybe she slept with it last night. :slight_smile:


That is super fun! Thanks for sharing this. What an awesome family project!!