Tesla Referral Coins given away at Drive Electric Week!

Drive Electric 2018 is here (through 9/18/18) and my fiance’ and I drove my son’s Telsa Model S to an event to bring education about driving electric. I made these referral coins to give away (unfortunately I didn’t have as many as I would have liked) to advertise our local Tesla Car Group and also to give out my son’s referral so they could get something free (i.e. extra 5 year warranty on solar, free super charging with specific purchase; all subject to change on 9/17/18) … people really liked them. It was a great way to use up the odds and ends of my proofgrade draftboard!

I have spent all evening cutting up a LOT LOT more for him to take to the events this week that he might go to.


That’s pretty cool! Good way to get attention. It will be interesting to see if they result in referrals.

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Thanks. I hope so — if we get one, I get a Radio Flyer Tesla Model S (like the little kids drive) that me and my friends can “modify” with a sturdier frame underneath, larger batteries, and race it at maker faire next year! I’ve been driving electric for 8 years…here is a picture of the car we race — it’s called Duct Tape & Zip Ties (yes, this is a sanctioned race at Maker Faires from San Mateo CA to NYC)…

and tonight’s Drive Electric Week event — quite the turn out of cars including a converted VW bug — EV motorcycle and a bike — was a lot of fun ---- also fun to mention GF!


I made about 50-60 more to give out at yet another event this week after work…not sure how many my son has left. We had a lot of time and it was so much fun sharing our love of Teslas and EVs in general. I can’t wait until I can order mine…hopefully in 5 more months.