I’ve had my Glowforge for just a few short days and I’m still getting used to the workflow and interface. Despite the learning curve, I’m starting to realize the potential that this wonderful machine offers and how it can complement my X-Carve CNC. Here’s my latest design from my favorite artist M.C. Escher.


Got to love Escher! Very nice!


I’m guessing M.C. Escher is somewhere in the forum or another site with some of his work? I’m intrigued and looking forward to browsing what other files he has created.

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And his ghost’s lawyers: http://www.mcescher.com/licensing/

Btw, those look great! I’ve got a stack of lizards that I’ve been cutting out of scrap since last April. Gonna make a table or something one of these days…


Thank you. I haven’t been on the forum long so no idea why Fry is looking at me like that.

LOL, common meme. Often Fry says things like “I not sure if they really don’t know or they are pulling our leg”.


Save me from my self, Fair Use.

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Escher!.. Get your ass up here!


I figure that they’ll go after @m_raynsford first so I’ll be ok for a while. Search Escher Fish on the forum.


The MC Escher estate is very hot on copyright as I have discovered already. They took offence at the banner on my website saying that ‘All things for sale’. They threatened to sue me and demanded a list of all my customers ever (very dubious legally).
After some discussion though everyone started to see sense, and I changed the banner on my website to say ‘Most things for sale’


Wow! Can’t believe they threatened to sue. So I’ll chalk this up to a test of the laser and nothing more. I may try to use the tessellation technique on other designs – unless of course the technique is copyrighted.

Love the lizards.

I’ve seen the Fry meme before just wasn’t sure why. Either way never heard of Escher before but have now. Also as the below post indicate I think I will pass on making anything using his art. 8)

Love seeing an Escher design come to life!

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These are awesome! Would make a fun puzzly toy for kids!