Test "3D Engrave"

This really helps to visualize the whole process. When I only see the final product, it’s sometimes difficult to reverse engineer. (not too proud to admit I copy techniques at the drop of a hat). With your file, it’s like a light bulb being turned on.


No problem! Glad I could help. =)

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Wow! That looks awesome! I’m just dying seeing all these great projects and results …can’t wait to get mine!

Just wow!

Great job but where is the narwhal?

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I am amazed that there is no dark residue around your text. Those are some fantastic results. Thank you for showing how you did it. :grinning:

There was, but cleaning with water and a toothbrush took care of it. =)

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Dang… no… damn-straight. That looks great!

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Looks great!

Be careful of getting Acetone in your blood stream. A friend of mine cleans the tanks for a major beer brewing company and underneath there are metal filings. His doctor told him that he had way too much iron in his blood. When he told him what he does, the doctor asked if he cleans up the iron filings with his bare hands. Apparently, your cuticles will suck up chemicals in no time and have direct access to blood stream. Now he always wears gloves. Made me careful with household cleaners. Just a thought, and I’m not a doctor. :wink:


Those are gorgeous!!

I wear gloves when handling acetone because it turns my skin white but I don’t think it is very dangerous because a) it is sold as nail polish remover and b) you have some acetone in your blood naturally.

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Damn, I want my Glowforge so bad :smiley: …even more now! Great project

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Great job. Just makes us more impatient :wink:

Great job. Just makes us more impatient :wink:

Well you can be ketotic, but it’s not a good state (severe starvation when gluconeogenisis has failed). It causes acidemia (i.e. your blood is acidic)


My understanding is ketotic is an excess but that it is normal to have a low level of acetone in blood which gets excreted harmlessly.

Well we only test it (and diagnose it) when you have an excess (such as in Diabetic ketoacidosis, a life threatening condition which is often the initial presentation of type 1 diabetics).

From UpToDate (the source of truth we doctors use):

“Hepatic generation of ketone bodies is usually stimulated by the combination of low insulin levels and high glucagon levels (ie, a low insulin/glucagon ratio) [1-6]. Low insulin levels, which are most often secondary to absolute or relative hypoglycemia (as with fasting), activate hormone-sensitive lipase, which releases long chain fatty acids and glycerol from triglycerides in peripheral fat stores. The fatty acids are transported to the liver via the circulation where they enter hepatocyte mitochondria under the influence of low insulin and high glucagon levels.”


Excellent project. Thanks for sharing. I’m pretty inspired to take a shot at miniaturizing Scythe now.

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Thanks for sharing! I made one myself for my son (Nicolas). I used the exact settings you recommended, but only did one pass, since he was in a hurry.

Thanks for showing us the source image too. I used powerpoint to make my own version. Here is the powerpoint slide I used. I had to zip it so discourse would accept it.
3D engrave test to share.zip (24.9 KB)

To change the text, you can just type whatever you want. BUT There’s also a layer behind it that darkens the background. So if you start with:


and change it to:


you need to resize the back as well to something like:


It sometimes difficult to click on the “back” element because the text element is in the way, but if you click at the right spot, you’ll grab the right “handle” for it.

Once I have it like I like, I used the “Windows Snipping Tool” to capture the image and save it to a PNG. That tool should be installed on any recent Windows machine by default.